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Public Cruises


Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd Trading As Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler


1. Ticket Payment
Payment for cruise tickets are required in advance. We do this to minimise passenger waiting time during boarding and to ensure that our cruises depart in a timely fashion. Further, with no fixed telephone lines on the vessel and with poor mobile reception in some cruising areas, credit card processing on board (rather than in our office) can be an unreliable, cumbersome and slow process. 

A 30% deposit is required to confirm/secure a booking, with final numbers and the balance of monies owing to be paid 14 days in advance for bookings January to October and 30 days in advance for bookings in November and December.  Should a deposit not be paid on booking the company reserves the right to reallocate the unconfirmed/unsecured tickets without notice.

These terms apply to our regular cruises. Different terms and conditions may apply to privately chartered cruises such as Weddings, Corporate functions or to Tour Companies.  Please contact our office on 02 4733 1274 to discuss further. 

2. Refunds
The purchase of a ticket is a contractual arrangement between the Purchaser and the Nepean Belle (Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd).  As there is a finite number of seats on any one cruise, purchasing a ticket will provide the ticket holder with a seat on their chosen cruise service and we guarantee not sell it to anyone else.  As time passes, we lose the opportunity to resell that seat.  Our refund policy reflects our ability to resell the seat as follows:

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Standard Devonshire Tea, Lunch and Dinner Cruises departing January to October:
Within 14 days of cruise date:                   NO REFUND
15-30 days prior to cruise date:                  50% refund of monies paid
31-90 days prior to cruise date:                 70% refund of monies paid

Cancellation fees for Devonshire Tea, Lunch and Christmas Season Dinner and New Year's Eve cruises departing November & December:
Within 30 days of cruise date:                  NO REFUND
31-90 days prior to cruise date:                 50% refund of monies paid
90+ days prior to cruise date:                   70% refund of monies paid

Cancellation fees for year round Special Event cruises:
Within 30 days of cruise date:                  NO REFUND
31-90 days prior to cruise date:                 50% refund of monies paid
90+ days prior to cruise date:                   70% refund of monies paid

3.    Reduction in Group Numbers
A minimum notice period of 14 days, January to October and 30 days in November and December is required for reductions in group numbers to result in a credit or refund.  Any such credit or refund for monies paid will first be applied against any ticket balances still outstanding.  Where special group discounts are given for minimum numbers the purchaser agrees to pay the standard, non-discounted price should numbers drop below the minimum number for the group discount offered.

4.    Changes
The company reserves the right to vary these terms from time to time as it deems appropriate or where legislation dictates.

5.     Standards of Behaviour
It is our intention to provide our passengers with a safe, enjoyable and efficient service on our cruises. In order to achieve this for the greatest number of our passengers it is necessary for passengers to consider others on board and act in a manner that is socially responsible and acceptable.  It is a condition of entry that all passengers agree to follow lawful and reasonable requests from the crew. The reasons for this requirement include:

  • to protect the safety of all passengers, crew members, the vessel, its equipment and the environment; and
  • to ensure the efficient servicing of the needs of all passengers and their enjoyment of the cruise. 

This requirement includes providing personal identification or assisting with passenger identification upon request.  Failure to meet these requirements or acting in a socially irresponsible and/or unacceptable manner will result in the offending passenger/s being set down ashore without refund.  Further, any behaviour that is considered by senior crew members to threaten the safety or enjoyment of any persons and the vessel or the environment, or to be in breach of the law will result in the offending passenger/s being set down ashore without refund and the reporting of the incident to the appropriate authorities.

6.     Cruise Schedule Variations
Scheduled Cruise times may be altered to accommodate special requirements for group charters.  Cruise lengths and routes are our best approximation and may alter slightly due to weather conditions, special or one-off circumstances or passenger needs. The Company reserves the right to alter scheduled cruise times due to events outside our control such as (and not limited to) severe weather, flood or bushfire, mechanical faults, industrial action, capacity or schedule requirements, lack of demand, acts of War or terrorism or actions/unacceptable behaviour of passengers.  In the event of our variation of the cruise for any reason, Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd will not be liable for expenses incurred by the ticket holders beyond the actual amount paid to the company for those cruise tickets. In general there are regular Saturday lunch and evening dinner cruises and a Sunday lunch cruises. On other days our cruise schedule varies depending on demand. Click here to see our schedule of upcoming cruises.

7.     Cruise Cancellations and Schedule Alterations
Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel or reschedule cruises in the event of (but not limited to) flood or bushfire, mechanical faults, industrial action, capacity or schedule requirements, lack of demand or acts of War or terrorism.  Should the Company cancel or reschedule a cruise for whatever cause, we will notify you and where possible we will transfer the full value paid for tickets to an equivalent alternate cruise.  In the event of our cancellation or alteration of the cruise schedule, Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd will not be liable for expenses incurred by the ticket holders beyond the actual amount paid to the company for those cruise tickets.

8.      Liability
To the extent permitted by Australian Law, Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd, it's related entities, employees and agents shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, injuries, costs and expenses suffered, sustained or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential) as a result of, or arising out of, or in any way connected with the cruise. The Passenger releases Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd from any claim whatsoever and howsoever incurred including but not limited to a claim for death, bodily injury, damage or loss of property during embarkation and/or disembarkation to or from the vessel and/or at all times whilst onboard the vessel itself, unless caused by wilful misconduct or reckless disregard of Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd.  In the event of breach of any of these terms by Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd, or a failure to provide the cruise service that Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd contracted to provide, the remedy for such breach of any term shall be limited only to the contractual value of the cruise service that was not performed by Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd, or alternately part value of the cruise service where there was partial performance of the cruise service by Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd.  Any liability shall be assessed by Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd's own value of the cruise service or part thereof that is the subject of any claim.

9.     Drinks / Bar Facilities
Fully licensed bar facilities are available on board.  Drinks from the bar are not included in the ticket price. Group bookings may set up a prepaid tab facility at the bar for their members. This must be set up in advance. Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd T/As Nepean Belle adheres to the principles of Responsible Service of Alcohol and where passengers appear to be approaching intoxication, further service of alcohol to that passenger will be suspended.   Should drinks be served and the bill not paid Bennett Cruising reserves the right to recover the unpaid drink monies from the credit card used to make the booking.  The booking owner will be contacted and an invoice will be provided prior to the charges being placed.

10.    Children's Pricing 
Infants and Toddlers (0-2 years) are not charged for meals onboard.  Children aged 3-12 and teens 13-16 will be charged at the scheduled rates when booking with a family group.  Bookings for children's and teen's parties will be quoted on an individual basis for all cruises.

11.    Prams & Strollers
Due to limited space onboard, prams and strollers are admitted only where space allows.  Please advise in your booking (either in the Pram option online or with our office) whether you will need to bring a pram or stroller onboard.  Space for strollers and prams will be given on a first come, first served basis in your booking.  Admission in other circumstances will be at the discretion of the Nepean Belle Crew assisting you to board the vessel.  

12.    Parents and Carers will supervise their Children at all times.
It is unlikely that children will fall overboard, however if children climb over handrails, stand on seats or are running onboard there is a high probability of injury to them and other guests. Crew members will attempt to correct unsafe behaviour however the supervision of children is not the role of crew members, nor are the crew trained or licensed to do so.  For group bookings with multiple children aged 0-12 years we require an adult to child ratio of 1:3 and children aged 13-16 years an adult to child ration of 1:4.  This is not negotiable and Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd T/As Nepean Belle takes no responsibility for injury to persons or damage to the vessel or third party property which occurs as a result of improperly supervised children. We reserve the right to demand payment to make good any damage suffered to the vessel in this regard.

13.    Special Dietary Requirements
Limited alternatives for special dietary needs such as Vegetarian and Gluten Intolerance are available where advance notice is provided to our office by telephone or via the special dietary requirements section of our online booking facility.  Unfortunately we are unable to cater for food allergies however those with severe food allergies may be permitted to bring their own meal onboard with prior arrangement with our office.

14.    Photos and Images Used for Publicity
By purchasing tickets and as a condition of entry to a public place, passengers acknowledge that any photos or images taken of them by or on behalf of the Company may be used for promotional purposes. The Company will not publish for promotional purposes any photos that show passengers acting inappropriately.  Images may be provided to authorities should they be required.   

15.   Wheelchairs / Toilet Facilities
Our vessels are wheelchair accessible. Please enquire with our office at the time of booking.  Note that on the Nepean Belle the toilets are located upstairs and are NOT wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair accessible public toilets in the car park in Tench Avenue in close proximity to our boarding jetty.

16.   Your Privacy
Your privacy is important to us and we will not share any of your information with any other parties without your express consent.  Click here to see our Privacy Policy for details.

17.  Email Subscription
By providing Bennett Cruising Pty Ltd with your e-mail address when you book cruises, you agree that Bennett Cruising may send you e-mails regarding your booking, as well as other Bennett Cruising special offers, services and events.  All of our email correspondence includes unsubscribe links to ensure that you do not receive information that you are not interested in. 


For Terms and Conditions relating to Private Charters please refer to your Charter Agreement,  email us or telephone our office 02 4733 1274.